Welcome to DIMDEN.DEV!

This is my little website and blog. It's inspired by all these neocities sites (and my older site). It was created on June 1st, 2022.

I'm quite obviously a programmer. I code some random things when I feel like it. You can read more about me here!

Some quick facts:
  • I'm from Ukraine (and yes, I still live here).
  • My main programming language is JavaScript.
  • I love Moon and clouds.
  • I hate the Sun.
  • I'm an admin of cool website called OurWorldOfPixels.com.
  • I spend almost all my time at home chatting in my Discord server and doing random things on my compooter.
  • I'm a home-student in some random Ukrainian CS university.
  • I code websites, bots and scripts. You can also order things from me (use email).


Making Tetris in Twitter with Node.js  —  Tuesday, 17th of August 2021
Utix: The ultimate Discord bot  —  Monday, 15th of February 2021
The Migration 2  —  Wednesday, 26th of August 2020
The Utix website  —  Sunday, 23th of February 2020
brainfuck.js  —  Sunday, 12th of January 2020
The Migration  —  Friday, 16th of August 2019
The Puzzle 3 and stuff  —  Tuesday, 6th of August 2019
Multi Line Task∞: Hello World  —  Saturday, 25th of May 2019
chip8js - my first emulator  —  Sunday, 12th of May 2019
Hello World!  —  Friday, 10th of May 2019


☾ OldTwitter

Chrome & Firefox extension to return old Twitter UI from 2015. Link

☾ Nekoweb

My own web-hosting, similar to Neocities but cooler!! It has a number of improvements so if you're looking to move check it out! Link

☾ Utix

My Discord bot Utix. It's a bot for basically everything: programming, math, astronomy, chemistry, etc. Link

☾ Frizwoods

One of serious projects I made for my friend opening law firm. Text is fully customizable on site and has nice article engine I made. Link

☾ Grillby's Multiplayer

A small multiplayer game where you can chill in Grillby's ((C) UNDERTALE). Link

☾ HTML Comments Finder

Browser extension to find HTML comments on pages. Useful if you visit obscure sites and don't want to miss any secrets. Link

☾ Cyberbiology

A 'game' where cells have DNA and can evolve. Link

And couple of other projects:

OPMPuzzlechip8.js Discord OLED ThemeOWOP.jsBlackjack.jsBrutal.io clientSystemspace ArchiveJS "beautifier"
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